Dr. Greg and his staff are amazing. Everyone there is always open and friendly. The office is welcoming and the care is absolutely the best! Thank you Colonial Chiropractic for the proper diagnostics that got me through excruciating pain and put me on the right path to recovery. The care is second to none!
M.P., City of New Castle, DE

I suffered from constant headaches, neck and back pain after my accident. I tried the usual prescribed treatments, but only became frustrated. A family member recommended Dr. Yacucci at Colonial Chiropractic. His gentle approach was very helpful, and after a few weeks of treatment, my pain decreased significantly. I've become more active and I'm regaining my life back. Thanks Dr. Greg!
J.S., Bear, DE

I have been a patient of Colonial Chiropractic for five years. Dr. Yacucci and his staff provide exceptional care. Recently I had a slip and fall that was very painful and the first thing I did was give Dr. Greg’s office a call to set up an appointment. I was seen right away to be assessed and get on a treatment plan. I am happy to report that progress is being made and I expect to be my active self soon. Colonial Chiropractic is my choice for treatment and it should be yours.
N.H., New Castle, DE

Dr. Yacucci is a professional chiropractor who initially will confer with his patients regarding their discomfort; examine them, recommend an MRI or x-ray if necessary and then provide a treatment plan based on the results. His office is well equipped with exercise equipment to provide his patients with rehab exercises. During an office visit, his friendly office staff will assist you with preparing paperwork needed for immediate care. All insurances are accepted so that most people can receive care. Visiting his office in the Penn Mart Shopping Center in New Castle, where there is ample parking, provides an opportunity for pain relief. Why wait? Why experience continuous discomfort? Why live with pain? Call Dr. Yacucci like I did! You will be glad you did!
T.B., New Castle, DE

I’ve suffered from chronic sinus headaches and neck tension for years. Dr. Yacucci's treatments have helped me considerably in managing my pain and limiting the number of sinus infections I've had each year. Plus, he's a funny guy.
S.B., Hockessin, DE

I have suffered for many years from severe back pain and undergone three spinal surgeries. The pain had gotten so bad that I was considering applying for permanent disability. Although I am being treated with pain management through drug therapy, had countless physical therapy sessions, and had numerous cortisone injections, there was no effective reduction in the pain. I was also suffering from depression secondary to an extremely poor quality of life and the many limitations caused by back pain. I remembered being helped in the past by Dr. Yacucci for a shoulder injury and decided to see him. Within the first week, I noticed a significant reduction in pain and was able to reduce the amount of pain medication I was taking. I also suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and have noticed improvement with all my joints under Dr. Yacucci's care. I am very thankful for my improved quality of life, reduction in pain, and ability to continue working. I would strongly recommend that anyone who suffers from chronic pain or who wants to avoid spinal surgery give chiropractic treatment a try. Its drug free and non-invasive.
V., New Castle, DE

After a bad car accident, Colonial Chiropractic was a godsend. They helped with the whiplash pain as well as other issues I had from the accident. They did this with a caring and compassionate attitude. Thanks, Colonial Chiropractic!
R.B., Fort Irwin, CA

When I started treatment with Dr. Yacucci over a year ago, I was suffering with whiplash and back pain caused by a car accident. The pain had become so bad I was unable to stand for any extended period of time. He took the time to listen to my concerns and create a treatment plan for my specific needs. After a few months of seeing him, my neck pain was completely gone and my back pain has been reduced considerably. Thank you, Dr. Yacucci!
L.S., Wilmington, DE

Dr. Yacucci has been my chiropractor for many years. I have suffered with migraines since I was a teenager and I wasn't aware that chiropractic care would help alleviate the migraines. So when I started care with him I told him about suffering from migraines and having to take medications all the time for them. He started adjusting me, and sure enough, my migraines began to ease up. The frequency of my headaches at the beginning were 4 to 6 a month; now they are maybe one a month or every other month. I am so glad to have relief from those debilitating headaches. Thanks, Dr. Yacucci!
J.L., New Castle, DE

In July of 2003, I was in a motorcycle accident. My injuries included a head trauma and broken bones from my neck to my ankles. My daily routines became very difficult to complete; constant aching influenced my ability to cope with life’s everyday ups and downs. I stopped in to Dr. Yacucci’s office in the fall of 2010 to inquire about treatment. Dr. Greg sat down with me and listened to my concerns and I started treatment right away. My care, planned by Dr. Greg, has improved my mobility and relieved my anxiety due to the pain I was in. Now, I am able to enjoy activities with my family without medication. I am very grateful for the improvement in the quality of my life.
R.D., New Castle, DE